1. How should I format my address list for envelopes?

We accept WORD or EXCEL documents. If using Word, please type everything as you would like for it to be written, including titles. We will copy this information verbatim. If using Excel, please use separate cells for each part of the address including title (Title/Name/Street/City/State/Zip)

Example: Mr & Mrs/John Moore/82 Rain Street/Denver/Colorado/81110

2. Do you stuff the envelopes once complete?

We are happy to stuff, stamp and send your envelopes for you! We are also complete perfectionists and will make sure all is packaged exactly how you'd like it. The flat fee for this service is $30

3. What if I don't live in Denver?

No problem at all. We will carefully pack and ship your project wherever it needs to go

4. Do you provide custom projects (including gifts) that aren't shown on your website?

Yes! Shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do

5. Will you photograph my project and/or my guests information for social media?

We'd love to share your project on social media. We will cover any personal information and will be sure to give proper credit to any other vendors that are included in the photograph

6. I'm interested in a script that's not shown on your website. Can you do other types of writing?

Our style is what makes CCR unique! However we always love to see your inspiration and will do our best to create something you love. And if we can't, we'll tell you! 

7. What if you mess up or I need to make changes to the total guest count?

We get it! Guest lists change and the occasional mistake or ink splatter is bound to happen. Due to this, we ask that a minimum of 10% extra envelopes are included to cover any issues

8. Do you accommodate rush orders?

We will do our best. Email us your requirements and we will let you know if we are able to make it happen